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What’s So Mysterious About Meteorites?

by O. Richard and Dorothy Norton

When Richard Norton Went On To The Great Beyond 3 Years Ago, He Left Us With 3 Books That We All Know And Love And One That Was Unfinished, As Dorothy Tells Us In The Introduction To “What’s So Mysterious About Meteorites”: “He Had Always Wanted To Provide A Basic Introduction To His Beloved Meteorites That Could Be Read By Young Adults And Anyone Interested In The Subject Of Rocks That Fall From The Sky”. And Here It Is, Lovingly Finished By Dorothy Norton – The Perfect Person To Handle That Work Because She Knew What Richard Wanted To Accomplish And Because She Knows Quite A Lot About Meteorites Too.

This Book Is Addressed To Young Adults But That Does Not Mean That It Is Simplified To The Point Of Leaving A Lot Of Important Information Out, It Means That It Is All There But Written In A Way That Makes It Accessible To All. About 92 Pages. $17.00 (Plus Shipping). Wholesale Prices And Volume Discounts Are Available, Please Contact Me Directly: Impactika@Aol.Com.