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Birthdate Meteorites

As of May 4, 2021

Did a Meteorite fall on your Birth Date?

Click on the month to see that month’s Calendar of Falls

  • JANUARY: 80 Falls
    Best Known: Lost City, Renazzo, Vigarano, Pultusk, Tagish Lake
  • FEBRUARY: 88 Falls
    Best Known: Mocs, Allende, Sikhote-Alin, Juancheng, Norton County, Paragould.
  • MARCH: 71 Falls
    Best Known: Bruderheim, Gao-Guenie, Jilin, Lowicz, Bjurbole, Pasamonte, Park Forest
  • APRIL: 105 Falls
    Best Known: Pribram, Cumberland Falls, Kapoeta, L’Aigle, Gujba, Neuschwanstein.
  • MAY: 98 Falls
    Best Known: New Concord, Estherville, Orgueil, Stannern.
  • JUNE: 101 Falls
    Best Known: Marjalahti, Abee, Portales Valley, Juvinas, Mighei, Ibitira, Tatahouine.
  • JULY: 109 Falls
    Best Known: Washougal, Johnstown, Ornans, Holbrook, Barbotan, Moss.
  • AUGUST: 99 Falls
    Best Known: Pena Blanca Spring, Mayo Belwa, Acapulco, Mbale, Mount Tazerzait, Shergotty, Ochansk.
  • SEPTEMBER: 100 Falls
    Best Known: Novo-Urei, Saratov, Kainsaz, Aubres, Murchison, Murray, Honolulu.
  • OCTOBER: 90 Falls
    Best Known: Millbillillie, Lodran, Chassigny, Zagami, Peekskill, Hvittis, Almahata Sitta.
  • NOVEMBER: 74 Falls
    Best Known: Ensisheim, Leighlinbridge, Shalka, Sylacauga, Leedey.
  • DECEMBER: 70 Falls
    Best Known: Claxton, Wold Cottage, Kaidun, Weston., Ivuna, Barwell.

Now that you know which meteorite fell on your Birth Date,
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