The very first fragment was found in May 1984 In a field after plowing. Then An Additional Mass Was Found By Marc Jost In A Box In The Attic Of An Old House In August 2000. And Then A Third Mass Was Found In September 2005 In A Rock Collection. A Dedicated Team Of Meteorite-Hunters Decided Then That There Had To Be More And After Many Years Of Research, They Did Find More, But Much Smaller Fragments, That They, Presented This Year At The Ensisheim Show. Twannberg Is Only The 8th Meteorite Known For Switzerland It Is Also One Of Only 6 Meteorites Ever Classified As An IIG, Hexahedrite To Coarsest Octahedrite. Whole Individuals, Slices, And End Cuts Are Available At A Very Reasonable Price Considering How Rare A Meteorite Class It Is And How Much Efforts When Into Its Recovery.

Currently Available:
End Cut    3.5g    SOLD
Whole     9.24g    $375.00
Whole      9.7g    SOLD
Whole     9.85g    $400.00
Whole     10.0g    $425.00
Whole     11.5g    $450.00
End Cut   13.1g    SOLD
Slice     13.5g    SOLD
Slice     14.0g    SOLD
Whole     14.3g    $625.00
Pictures Upon Request.