Sao Joao Nepomuceno

The very first mass of Sao Joao Nepomuceno was found before 1960 in Minas Gerais, an area of Brazil that has produced many meteorites. Later a local farmer was intrigued when a stone would not break under the wheels of his cart like all the other rocks, eventually, he stopped and picked up the rock, it was no stone it was iron and he quickly realized that it was just like that other iron that had been found just a few miles away. He kept it for himself but eventually the Mayor of the village asked him to show it to a visiting engineer, who confirmed that it was a piece of the Sao Joao Nepomuceno meteorite, a third fragment was eventually found near-by, bringing the total weight to about 16kg. Most of it is now in the Museum Of Natural History in Rio de Janeiro. It has been studied extensively and found to be similar to only one other meteorite, Steinbach, found in Germany in 1724; both are IVA-Anomalous, fine Octahedrite, very rich in Pyroxene-Tridymite Inclusions.

Several part slices available, all from the Museum of Rio de Janeiro. All cut, prepared, and in some cases repaired by the Museum.

EZ009 4.93g $540.00
EZ011 6.69g $700.00
EZ013 6.84g $720.00
EZ014 7.52g $750.00
EZ016 8.57g $850.00
EZ015 8.58g $850.00
EZ017 8.97g $895.00
AB1482 12.41g $995.00
AB1478 29.92g SOLD

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