Certainly one of the most famous and most studied of all meteorites.
Fell on September 28, 1969 as a shower of stones around the small town of Murchison in the state of Victoria in southern Australia. The largest stone weighs about 7 kg, and over 100kg was recovered.
It was analyzed and classified as a Carbonaceous Chondrite type CM2. But that was not the end of it, it has also been found to contain amino-acids, a great many of them, some already known and many totally unknown, new to science. And the research continues.

One large cut fragment with crust available and several small pieces, slices and end cuts.

AB2186, fragment with crust, 50.49g, $32,000.00
AB2187, End cut, 2.94g, $1,900.00
AB2188, end cut, 3.54g, $2,300.00
AB2189, part slice, 2.34g, $1,550.00
AB2190, part slice, 2.00g, $1,300.00
AB2191, part slice, 1.92g, SOLD
AB2192, part slice, 1.54g, $1,000.00
AB2193, part slice, 0.53g, SOLD
AB2194, 3 fragments, 0.26g, SOLD