Fell on September 28, 1969 as a shower of stones over 5 square miles over Victoria, Australia. About 100 kg of pieces were recovered.

Classified as a Carbonaceous Chondrite, type CM2. Probably the most studied of all meteorites, was even found to contained a wide range of Amino-acids.

A must for all collections.

Currently available:

AB2134 part slice, 4.9g, $2400.00
AB2133 part slice 5.64g, $2750.00
AB2123 fragment with crust from Robert Haag, 9.25g, SOLD
AB2107 fragment with crust from David New, 12.00g, $5950.00
AB2122 fragment with crust from R. Norton, R. Haag, 13.5g, $7500.00
AB2132 part slice 14.6g, $7500.00
AB2135 part slice 20.28g, $9950.00
AB2136 end cut with crust, 21.20g, SOLD

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