Fell on September 28, 1969 as a shower of stones over 5 square miles over Victoria, Australia. About 100 kg of pieces were recovered.

Classified as a Carbonaceous Chondrite, type CM2. Probably the most studied of all meteorites, was even found to contained a wide range of Amino-acids.

A must for all collections.

Currently available:

AB2134 part slice, 4.9g, HOLD
AB2133 part slice 5.64g, HOLD
AB2123 fragment with crust from Robert Haag, 9.25g, SOLD
AB2107 fragment with crust from David New, 12.00g, HOLD
AB2122 fragment with crust from R. Norton, R. Haag, 13.5g, HOLD
AB2132 part slice 14.6g, HOLD
AB2135 part slice 20.28g, HOLD
AB2136 end cut with crust, 21.20g, SOLD

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