Tektites are formed by the impact of large meteorites.
At the moment of impact a certain quantity of earth material turned into glass by the force of the impact can escape Earth gravity. Those fragments of Earth can reach Space momentarily before falling back to Earth, re-melted and reshaped.
Moldavites are found in the Czech Republic, close to Austria, and are associated with the large impact crater of Nordlinger Ries in Bavaria, Germany.
These are faceted, ready for Jewelry making, purchased years ago form Erich Haiderer, in Vienna, Austria.

AB569, Emerald shape, 0.9g, 4.5carats, $100.00
AB572, Free style, 1g, 5carats, $100.00
AB573, Free Style, 1g, 5carats, SOLD
AB814, Teardrop shape, 0.57g, 2.85carats, SOLD
AB815, Free Style, 0.66g, 3.3carats, SOLD
AB816, Oval, 0.77g, 3.85g, SOLD
AB817, Baguette, 0.76g, 3.85carats, SOLD