An Ordinary Chondrite, Type L5, Found in 1941, total known weight 612 grams

A Nininger Discovery.

While out in the country Nininger would always stop at the local cafe for lunch, he would sit at the bar and put a meteorite on the counter in front of him, waiting for questions and comments. One day in southern Nebraska very close to the Colorado border, a rancher also sitting at the bar immediately spoke up “I got one just like that at home”, they got to talking and right after lunch Nininger followed him to his ranch, and that is how he acquired the Lorenzo meteorite.

Provenance: Fred Olsen

Only 4 slices available.
FO033 – part slice 15.8g, SOLD
FO027 – part slice 29.1g, $425.00
FO029 – part slice 29.0g, $550.00
FO026 – part slice 40.8g, $575.00

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