Clifford, Chondrite L6

Found in 1962 in East Colorado by a rancher but only recognized as a meteorite in 1997 by Gary Curtiss.

A Single Stone, Weighing Some 11.36kg, Was Found Sometimes In The Early 1960s In Rangeland In Central Colorado While Looking For Arrowheads. He Brought It Home But Thinking That It Was Just An Odd Looking Rock He Added It To His Wife’s Rock Garden. And It Stayed There Until 1997 When Gary Curtiss, A Colorado Geologist And Meteorite Collector Happened To Go By And Spotted It. He Immediately Recognized It For What It Was, Bought It And Had It Classified By Alan Rubin At UCLA. But Then He Kept Most Of It For Himself! Until Very Recently, When I Finally Convinced Him To Get A Few Slices Cut And Made Available Ot Collectors. Clifford Is An Ordinary Chondrite, Type L6, Shock S3, Weathering W2, With Some Large Chondrules, Metal Blebs, And Odd Tiny Vugs.

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