Alnif Meteorite (ALNIF-4) from South Morocco. 4 pieces, see pictures. A rarely seen meteorite and historical in its own way.



Registry: ALNIF – 4
Mineral Name: Alnif     
Source: South Morocco    
Mineral Size: 4 pieces, see pictures    
Sale Price: $100.00/gram 


A rarely seen meteorite, and historical in its own way.

Alnif is the second meteorite to be found in Morocco, the first one being Zagora.

In April 1992 Alain Carion bought an 8 kilos mass from a fossil hunter in Rissani. The first of many meteorites to be found by fossil hunters and sold in the oasis towns of eastern and southern Morocco.
Alain Carion still owns the whole mass, and these fragments come directly from it. It is a very weathered, rather brittle H5 ordinary chondrite.

I have no less than 4 fragments available,  The 2 largest are about 2cm long.

Please look at the pictures and tell me which one you want.

Of course, first come, first served.