Discovered by a telescope near Tucson Arizona as it was still an asteroid on October 6, 2008. Fell in Northern Sudan as predicted on October 7. Found as thousand of fragments, by an expedition led by the University of Khartoum. Each and every one of those fragments is now being studied and analyzed by Prof. Andi Bischoff who has already found many different types of meteorites within that one single meteorite.
And he is still working on this strange meteorite, still classifying each fragment one at a time, and finding unexpected classifications

And here are a few more pieces, and look at those classifications!
And there will be more in the near future.

MS-228, Fine-grained Ureilite, 25x20x19mm, 11.98g, $5300.00
MS-243, Chondrite H5, whole, crusted, 2.80g, $4225.00
MS-276, Coarse-grained Ureilite, 6.02g, $2725.00
MS-307, Enstatite E4/5. 16x15x11mm, 3.49g, $2550.00
MS-324, Fine-grained ureilite, end cut, 17.02g, SOLD
MS-326, Enstatite EHb5/6, windowed whole, 11.05g, $6475.00
MS-335, Ureilite varied texture, whole, 4.65g, $3465.00
MS-341, Enstatite Achondrite, 0.68g, $1300.00