Fell on February 8, 1969 near the small village of Pueblito de Allende in Chihuahua, northern Mexico, as a shower of stones, mostly broke upon impact. About 2 tons have been recovered.
Has been classified as a Carbonaceous chondrite, type CV3.2, and has been thoroughly studied.
A very important meteorite.

Colorful and full of chondrules, CAIs, and interesting features under a microscope.
Many thin-sections available, here are just a few.

TS1692 Allende, covered, $150.00
TS1703 Allende, covered, $150.00
TS1710 Allende, covered, $150.00
TS1726 Allende, covered, $150.00
TS1729 Allende, covered, $150.00
TS1732 Allende, covered, $150.00

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