Fell on February 8, 1969 near the small village of Pueblito de Allende in Chihuahua, northern Mexico, as a shower of stones, mostly broke upon impact. About 2 tons have been recovered.
Has been classified as a Carbonaceous chondrite, type CV3.2, and has been thoroughly studied.
A very important meteorite.

Fragments and part slices are currently available, some with crust.
Also available in thin-sections for study under a microscope.
Pictures available upon request.

AB1802e fragment, 4.01g $100.00
AB1994 fragment with crust, 6.08g SOLD
AB1802b fragment, 6.14g, SOLD
AB1860d part slice, 10.99g, SOLD
AB1860f, part slice, 11.62g, SOLD
AB1860h, part slice, 12.08g, SOLD
AB2151, slice, 12.15g, SOLD

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