The meteorite exploded at low altitude early in the morning of June 27, 1931 just north of the town of Tatahouine in southern Tunisia and showered the whole area with small fragments. Thousands were collected by the local people then and many more were found over 50 years later by the French expert Alain Carion and his son Louis. Most fragments are tiny, 1g or less. Fragments over 10g are rare, and fragments over 50g are exceptional.

Classified as an Achondrite Diogenite, the only green one with black streaks. Occasionally with tiny shattercones.
All these specimens were found personally by Alain or Louis Carion.

AC054 fragment with shattercone, 7.75g, SOLD
AB2033 fragment, 24.5g, SOLD
AC065 fragment with shattercone, 31.64g, $950.00
AC066 fragment with shattercone, 34.05g, $995.00
AC061 fragment, 49.32g, $2200.00
AC058 fragment, 58.69g, $3000.00
AC056 fragment, 97.06g, $9000.00

Also available:
Lots of small fragments, less than 2g each: each lot 30g, $300.00.
And many other fragments from about 2g to 12g each. Please make inquiry.