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Dar el Kahal (AB2030)

Reference #: AB-2030

Dar el Kahal, Ordinary chondrite H5-6, highly shocked but very moderately weathered.

85 kilos of fragments were found in 2013, near the ancient salt mines of Taoudenni in northern Mali.
This is an end-cut, 737.10g, with lots of chondrules (hard to believe that it is a 5-6) and great black crust. And on that crust, on one side, a bunch of “pimples”, possibly tiny broken fragments or chondrules stuck on the crust during the Fall. And on the other side great regmaglypts, somewhat oriented, and maybe a hint of lipping along the edge, hard to tell, it hit the ground hard, some scratching and chipping all along that edge.

Provenance:  James Yussep

PRICE:  $3500.00