Exceptional Pieces From My Room In Tucson

Some Exceptional Pieces were In My Room In Tucson, But Some Are Still Available: A Huge Slice of Pena Blanca I Just Acquired, A Big Chunk Of Bouvante, A Slice of Nakhla, …. And Just A Few Murchison Pieces Left. Just Ask. MURCH MurchisonProbably The Most Studied Of All Carbonaceous Meteorites Was Found To Contain Some Amino-Acids. No Collection Is Complete Without It. But It Is Getting Scarce. Fell In Australia On September 28, 1969. Only 8 Pieces Left!! Crusted Fragments And Part Slices From 4.9 To 21.2 g. Great Provenance. Please Ask. $500 To $600 A Gram AB1811 AiquileChondrite. Currently Being Classified Fell On November 20, 2016. In The Hills Of Central Bolivia. Almost Whole Mass. With Nice Roll-Over Lip But Broken Back. 67.9g SOLD AB1838 BouvanteA Big Fat Chunk With A Crust Of A Rarely Seen Eucrite That Was Found Probably Shortly After The Fall In The French Alps. Someone Could Easily Cut… Read More »Exceptional Pieces From My Room In Tucson

TRADE With The Museum Of Rio De Janeiro:

I Had The Pleasure Of A Return Visit By Dr. Mary-Elizabeth Zucolotto, Curator Of The Meteorite Collection Of The Museum Of Natural History In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She Had Brought With Her Just A Few Pieces And We Managed To Do Another Trade (I Still Do Not Speak Portuguese). All Those Pieces Were Prepared And In Some Cases Repaired In Brazil. Sao Joao Nepomuceno:┬áThe Very First Mass Of Sao Joao Nepomuceno Was Found Before 1960 In Minas Gerais, An Area Of Brazil That Has Produced Many Meteorites. Later A Local Farmer Was Intrigued When A Stone Would Not Break Under The Wheels Of His Cart Like All The Other Rocks, Eventually, He Stopped And Picked The Rock, It Was No Stone It Was Iron And He Quickly Realized That It Was Just Like That Other Iron That Had Been Found Just A Few Miles Away. He Kept It For Himself But Eventually, The Mayor… Read More »TRADE With The Museum Of Rio De Janeiro: