Exceptional Pieces From My Room In Tucson

Some Exceptional Pieces were In My Room In Tucson, But Some Are Still Available: A Huge Slice of Pena Blanca I Just Acquired, A Big Chunk Of Bouvante, A Slice of Nakhla, …. And Just A Few Murchison Pieces Left. Just Ask. MURCH MurchisonProbably The Most Studied Of All Carbonaceous Meteorites Was Found To Contain Some Amino-Acids. No Collection Is Complete Without It. But It Is Getting Scarce. Fell In Australia On September 28, 1969. Only 8 Pieces Left!! Crusted Fragments And Part Slices From 4.9 To 21.2 g. Great Provenance. Please Ask. $500 To $600 A Gram AB1811 AiquileChondrite. Currently Being Classified Fell On November 20, 2016. In The Hills Of Central Bolivia. Almost Whole Mass. With Nice Roll-Over Lip But Broken Back. 67.9g SOLD AB1838 BouvanteA Big Fat Chunk With A Crust Of A Rarely Seen Eucrite That Was Found Probably Shortly After The Fall In The French Alps. Someone Could Easily Cut… Read More »Exceptional Pieces From My Room In Tucson