Saint Aubin

November 30, 2003

I would like to show you the 5 large slices of Saint Aubin I now have available. 

You will notice that they all have very interesting inclusions of troilite and huge needles of shreibersite. In addition, the first one shows a large black crystal (3cm on the longest side). According to Dr. John Wasson it is probably chromite, but he has not had the opportunity to analyze it yet. 

  • Large slice. 1363.6g. with large black crystal, visible on both sides. About 19.5cm long,16cm at the widest.

Large crystal, probably chromite, about 3cm across.

And troilite, shreibersite.

Price: $16,500.00


and Back: 

  • The “Face of Saint Aubin” !!!

Slice, 891g, 17cm long, 13.5cm at the widest.

With inclusions in the troilite inclusions. Eyes!  

And huge needles of shreibersite. 



and Back: 

  • This small one has “eyes”, 696g.



and back:

Reference #DescriptionSizeSale Price
STA-41Part Slice41.42 g$195.00
STA-47Part Slice47.64 g$225.00
STA-50Part-endpiece50.81 g$240.00
STA-57Part Slice57.43 g$285.00
STA-66Part Slice66.07 g$330.00
STA-694Full Slice694.6 g$2,100.00

Please let me know if you do have any questions.

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