Lamesa B (MT008-15)

Lamesa B (MT008-15): Discovered 20 years ago in a cotton field, Ordinary Chondrite, H4, Black. 1.5 kilos.


Registry: MT008-15
Mineral Name    : Lamesa B       
Source: Dawson Co. Texas  
Mineral Size: Several pieces 
Sale Price: $9 a gram 



A farmer found it some 20 years ago in a cotton field. Because of its size and shape, he kept it and it has been a very good bookend ever since.
But it was finally recognized as a meteorite in 2004 and he accepted to part with it. For a complete report of the discovery and pictures, please go to Texas Discoveries.

It is an Ordinary Chondrite, H4, black, with lots of metal and a chocolate-colored crust.
Total weight: about 1.5 kilos.
One part-end piece (on the picture) and several slices and part-slices available.