Tatahouine (AC058)

Tatahouine (AC058) from the Carion Collection, Tunisia. 58.69 grams.

Reference #: AC058

Name: Tatahouine

Origin: Diogenite

Provenance: Alain Carion

Description: Fragment

Weight in grams: 58.69

Approx size (mm): 37x32x31

Price: $3000.00


Registry: AC 058
Mineral Name    : Tatahouine    
Source: Tunisia  
Mineral Size: 58.69g 
Sale Price: $3,200.00    



It exploded at low altitude and fell very early in the morning of June 27, 1931, just north of the town of Tatahouine in southern Tunisia.

Thousands of fragments were collected then by the local people, and much later by Alain and Louis Carion. Most fragments are tiny, 1 gram or less. Fragments larger than 10 grams are quite rare.


From the Carion Collection.