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The most common type of meteorites. Divided in 3 types

H: High iron content,   L: Low iron content,   LL: Very low iron content.
The homogeneity of the crystallization is indicated by the petrologic grade, from type 3
(clear isolated chondrules) to type 6 (barely distinguishable chondrules).

ORIGIN TYPE Provenance description WEIGHT in grams Approx. size (mm) PRICE
AB1817 Abbott New Mexico H3-6 J. Nauber Half-stone 114.70   $1100.00
MT001 Aldama B Mexico H5 Mc. Taylor half endpiece 75.360 47x37x34 $500.00
AB233 Aldama B Mexico H5 Blood auction fragment, crust 75.980 50x39x24 $350.00
AC005-8 Alnif Morocco H5 Alain Carion fragment 1.960 21×9 $195.00
AB1264 Bandong Java LL6 Jay Cassara part slice 29.57 63x35x6 $900.00
AB1920 Beardsley Kansas H5 Jurgen Nauber part slice 11.5   $350.00
AB1912 Big Rock Donga Australia H6 Nigel Brayne part slice 25.1   SOLD
AB1851 Bur-Gheluia Somalia H5 M. Casper slice, crust 12.68   $495.00
CM021 Carichic Mexico H5 Jehle part slice 15.0 35x31x6 $425.00
PS005 Chelyabinsk Russia LL5, impact melt Paul Swartz whole 57.60   $675.00
CM029 Cook 001 Australia H5 Jehle part slice 43.50 49x48x6 $995.00
JH014 dar al Gani 0180 Libya stony LL3.9 Jeff Hodges part-slice 7.62  12×10  $125.00
DE023 dar al Gani 0734 Libya EL4 de/E. Haiderer Micro 0.170 10x6x2 $125.00
AB2030 dar al Kahal Mali H5-6 James Yussep end cut 737.10   $3500.00
AB1968 daule Ecuador L5 R. Cucchiara Full slice 94.01   $3000.00
AB1849 Densmore Kansas L6 Blaine Reed slice 64.10   $950.00
AB1847 Djati-Pengilon Indonesia H6 S. Vasiliev part slice 12.30   $295.00
DE157 El Hammami Mauritania H5 de/M. Morgan part slice 61.317 94x36x21 SOLD
AB920 Gaines Co. Park Texas H5 Jan Bartels part slice 25.40 44x25x7 $550.00
DA443 Gao-Guenie Burkina Faso H5 G. Notkin Crusted Whole 7.737 25x18x11 $35.00
CM051 Gao-Guenie Burkina Faso H5 H. Cahill Slice 46.0   $85.00
AB921 Gladstone New Mexico H4 Jan Bartels part slice 26.20 44x22x10 $550.00
AB1902 Hamilton Australia L6 J. shea part slice 63.90 122x43x6 $350.00
JH035 Haxtun Colorado H/L4 Jeff Hodges slice 54.10 89x48x5 $450.00
AB1925 Haxtun Colorado H/L4 Jurgen Nauber slice 89.4   $825.00
EF007 Holbrook Arizona L/LL6 Erik Fisler fragment 23.410 32x29x22 SOLD 
DA451 Kaffir C Texas L6 M. Farmer part slice 63.202 72x35x15 SOLD
AB1664 Karatu Tanzania LL6   Fragment, crust 2.02   $400.00
AB1919 Kendleton Texas L4 Jurgen Nauber part end cut 22.8   SOLD
MT009 Lamesa B Texas H4 Mc. Taylor part end piece 65.020 36x36x25 $550.00
AB1746 Leedey Oklahoma L6 Blaine Reed part slice, crust 21.13 40x39x6 SOLD
FO026 Lorenzo Nebraska L 5 Fred Olsen slice 40.8    $575.00
FO029 Lorenzo Nebraska L 5 Fred Olsen slice 39.0    $550.00
FO030 Lorenzo Nebraska L 5 Fred Olsen slice 30.3    $425.00
FO027 Lorenzo Nebraska L 5 Fred Olsen slice 29.00 $425.00
FO033 Lorenzo Nebraska L 5 Fred Olsen part slice 15.80 $245.00
AB1848 Mangwendi Zimbabwe LL6   part slice 8.74 $150.00
EJ033 Mercedes Argentina H5 E. Jawerbaum fragment 81.20 62x34x29 $250.00
AB1555 Modoc Kansas H6 Kansas Met. part slice 0.23   $75.00
AC065b Mount Tazerzait Niger L5 Alain Carion slice 51.40 95x66x3 $300.00
AB1151 New Concord Ohio L6 ASU slice 136.10   $2750.00
AB567 North branch Kansas H5 S. Arnold-AK slice 59.73 98x47x5 $200.00
CM110 North branch Kansas H5 M. Morgan slice 76.0 101x58x7 $600.00
AB542 Nuevo Mercurio Mexico H5 M. Farmer end piece 33.13 47x35x15 $250.00
DA433 NWA 1936 Sahara H4 R. Wesel End cut 110.70 77x71x6 $300.00
MT028 NWA 2271 Sahara L IMB Mc. Taylor part slice 10.460 37×24 $90.00
AB1168 NWA 4852 Sahara Ureilite Blaine Reed slice 22.20   SOLD
DA111 Ouzina Morocco R4 de/M. Blood slice 0.794 10x8x4 $95.00
AB1756 Park forest Illinois L5 M. Morgan fragment,crust,2 lithologies 27.43 39x27x21 SOLD 
AB2045 Plains Texas H5 J.Nauber/Huss slice, numbered 155.20   $1500.00
AB1971 Plainview Texas H5 McTaylor whole 44.60   $450.00
CM166 Saint Michel Finland L6 M. Morgan part slice 12.50 65x36x2 $900.00
AE066 Springer Oklahoma H5 Monnig collection slice 140.0 157x71x5 SOLD
AB1766 Stalldalen Sweden H5 M. Morgan part slice, crust 14.62 40x34x5 $1500.00
MT055 Tahoka Texas L5 Mc. Taylor part slice 34.860 55×42 $160.00
MT019 Tahoka Texas L5 Mc. Taylor part slice 156.820 108×76 $750.00
MT021 Tahoka Texas L5 Mc. Taylor part slice 167.380 110×72 $800.00
AB2042 Tieschitz Czech Repub. H/L3.6 Moritz Karl part slice 4.07 SOLD 
AB1670 Trenzano Italy H3/4   part slice 4.35   $650.00
AB1559 Utzenstorf Switzerland H5 Don Edwards fragment 0.03   $75.00
AB1721 Wairarapa Valley New Zealand H5 G. Ensor fragment 0.486   $600.00
CM183 Wellman (a) Texas H5 M. Morgan part slice 33.0 55x46x4 $300.00
AB1267 Wellman (a) Texas H5 Huss / J.Sinclair part slice 91.61 73x73x6 $650.00
AB1268 Wellman (c) Texas H4 Huss / J.Sinclair slice 26.85 50x29x6 $170.00
AB1699 Wellman (c) Texas H4 Huss number slice 61.80 $450.00
CM189 Yarle Lakes 001 Australia H5 C. McDonald part slice 22.5 50x29x7 $900.00

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