Exceptional Pieces From My Room In Tucson

Some Exceptional Pieces were In My Room In Tucson, But Some Are Still Available:

A Huge Slice of Pena Blanca I Just Acquired, A Big Chunk Of Bouvante, A Slice of Nakhla, ….

And Just A Few Murchison Pieces Left. Just Ask.

Probably The Most Studied Of All Carbonaceous Meteorites Was Found To Contain Some Amino-Acids. No Collection Is Complete Without It. But It Is Getting Scarce. Fell In Australia On September 28, 1969. Only 8 Pieces Left!! Crusted Fragments And Part Slices From 4.9 To 21.2 g. Great Provenance. Please Ask.
$500 To $600 A Gram

Chondrite. Currently Being Classified Fell On November 20, 2016. In The Hills Of Central Bolivia. Almost Whole Mass. With Nice Roll-Over Lip But Broken Back. 67.9g

A Big Fat Chunk With A Crust Of A Rarely Seen Eucrite That Was Found Probably Shortly After The Fall In The French Alps. Someone Could Easily Cut A Lot of Slices Out of This piece. 72.50 g
Best Offer


Pena Blanca Spring
The famous aubrite that fell in a water hole on a ranch in southern Texas, and was promptly fished out by the ranch-hands eating lunch near-by. large part slice with crust and a very short list of owners. robert haag, jim schwade, blaine reed. me. 103g
best offer

Cat Mountain
famous l5 impact melt famous just outside tucson arizona in 1980. part slice off the original find. 9.1g

very unusual meterorite, a metachondrite CR6, with lots of metal. This Thick part-slice was cut from the mass in alain carion’s collection, a mass has survived the carjacking and fire. one side is still clearly burned. 91.41g

Ivory coast tektite
those are truly extremely rare as less than 100 had been previously known. alain carion was very lucky. please got to “http://www.meteorite-times.com/tektite-month/ivory-coast-tekties” to read about this amazing discovery. only 4 left. this is the end.

the most famous and historic of the Martians. fell in Egypt on June 28, 1911. and the namesake of the nakhlite. large (for a Nakhla!) slice. 0.46 g. (2 practically identical slices available)

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