ASU “Left-Over” Irons:

When I Was at Arizona State University in October 2011, I Spotted A Bunch Of Small Containers With Pieces Of Iron Meteorites In Them, So I Asked And Was Told That Every Now And Then A Chunk Is Cut Off A Large mass For The Lab Work, Then Some Is Used In The Lab, And Some Is Left-Overs, And Yes, Those Were All “Left-Overs”! But What Left-Overs!!! What Names!!! Ashford, Gressk, Monahans, Silver Bell, Weaver Mountain … Total: Over 20 Ultra-Rare Irons. And What Provenance! Most Of Them Came From The Nininger Collection, Bought By ASU in 1960. Yes, All Of Them Are Small, Or Tiny Pieces, But That Makes Them Affordable!. Some Are Now Gone, But There Are Still Quite A Few Available. Please Take A Look At The List Below. Some Very Rare Ones Are Still Available. Ashfork Mass Of 27 Kg Found In North-Central Arizona In 1901. Studied By Buchwald And Wasson… Read More »ASU “Left-Over” Irons: