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About 3% of all known meteorites. There are basically two types of Stony-Irons:
MESOSIDERITES: a mixture in roughly equal parts of metal (iron-nickel) and silicates (pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase).
PALLASITES: they contain crystallized, sometimes gemmy, grains of olivine within a iron-nickel matrix

REF# NAME  (*=Fall) ORIGIN TYPE Provenance Description WEIGHT in grams Approx. size (mm) PRICE
AB1870 Brahin Russia Pallasite F-B Goudreault part slice 36.5  46x41x4 $600.00
AB1941 Brahin Russia Pallasite M.Ouzillou part slice 75.15 $700.00
AB1942 Brahin Russia Pallasite M. Ouzillou part slice 141.5g $1500.00
RPM1726 Brenham Kansas Pallasite     part slice 216.81      $1200.00
AB1517 Esquel Argentina Pallasite Magic Moutain part end cut 3.31     $150.00
AB1620 Estherville Iowa Mesosiderite M. Tettenborn part slice 53.10    $995.00
CM068 Imilac Chile Pallasite Jehle part slice 22.00   $700.00
DE171 NWA1242/Sah85001 Sahara Mesosiderite DE/Al Lang Part Slice 10.200 23x22x5 $200.00
AB1872 Seymchan Russia Pallasite S. Afanasiev Part slice 20.40   42x39x3 $250.00
AB1873 Seymchan Russia Pallsite S.Afanasiev Part slice 23.80   50x40x3 $250.00
AB1840 Seymchan Russia Pallasite, transitional CometsShop part slice 234.70   $1200.00

About 27% of all known meteorites. Three main types and many sub-types:
OCTAHEDRITES: the most common, they contain 7% to 15% nickel and show a clear Widmanstatten pattern when etched.
ATAXITES: They contain more than 15% nickel and show no Widmanstatten pattern.
HEXAHEDRITES: They contain very little nickel and may show some parallel lines, the Neumann lines when etched.

REF# NAME  (*=Fall) ORIGIN TYPE Provenance Description WEIGHT in grams Approx. size (mm) PRICE
AB911 Albion Washington Fine Octah. Andi Gren part slice 16.86    $525.00
AB1934 Albion Washington Fine Octah. VUG Andi Koppelt part slice 50.0 $1800.00
MJ041 Augusta County Virginia Med. Octah. IIIAB Space Jewels part slice 52.5 $2650.00
AB1933 Bear Creek Colorado Med. Octah. IIIAB Andi Koppelt part slice 8.8 SOLD 
AB967 Bendego Brazil Coarse Octah. S. Yant fragment, shale 20.0    $60.00
AB1543 Canyon Diablo Arizona Coarse Octah. D. Daniel whole 2519.3    $2500.00
AB1879 Coahuila Mexico Hexahedrite Frank Cressy part slice 38.00 36x32x4 $750.00
AB1900 Copiapo Chile Silicated Iron John Shea part slice 10.80   33x28x2 $400.00
AB1931 Fairfield Ohio  Coarse Octah. IAB Andi Koppelt part slice 13.69 SOLD
MJ044 Guadalupe y Calvo Mexico Hexahedrite IIAB Space Jewels part slice 50.33 $1500.00
AB1466 Guanghua China Fine Octah. Mirko Graul part slice 8.268     SOLD 
AB1895 High Island Creek Minnesota Med. Octah. IAB John Shea part slice 5.52   27x16x2 SOLD 
AB904 La Grange Kentucky Fine Octah. Marc Jost part slice 37.40 47 x 37 $1600.00
AB1246 Mundrabilla Australia Med.Octah.IAB Fred Hall Whole 112.20 41x34x23 $150.00
PH045 NWA 0176 Sahara Ungr. An. Iron P. Herrmann partslice RARE 68.54 75x61x4 $5000.00
AB1909 Odessa Texas Coarse Octah. IAB Thompson Minerals whole 340.80   80x45x42 $350.00
AB1856 Orange River South Africa Medium Octah. NEMS part slice 3.68   $195.00
MJ045 Page City Kansas Fine Octah. IVA Space Jewels part slice 18.0 $550.00
OC287 Page City Kansas Fine Octah. IVA Don Edwards end cut 461.3 102x64x25 $8000.00
AB1491 Para de Minas Brazil Fine Octah. E. Zucolotto part slice 12.59    $725.00
AB1932 Red Rock California Med. Octah. IIIAB A. Koppelt part slice 19.3 $775.00
AB906 Sacramento Mountains New Mexico Med. Octah. Marc Jost slice 49.00 76 x 51 $2000.00
AB1482 Sao Joao Nepomuceno Brazil Silicated Iron Ken Martin part slice 12.45    $995.00
AB1884 Sikhote-Alin Russia Coarsest Octah. Aerolite whole 94.8   50x28x25 $300.00
AB728 Sikhote-Alin East Russia Coarsest Octah. J. Gwilliam Shrapnel 243.30 70x57x34 $250.00
AB1880 Steinbach Germany Silicated IVA Frank Cressy part slice 20.10   42x35x5 SOLD 
AB1376 Tambo Quemado Peru Med. Octah. Magic Mtn. part slice 10.10   $130.00
AB1377 Tambo Quemado Peru Med. Octah. Magic Mtn. part slice 10.70   $140.00
AB1503 Tambo Quemado Peru Med. Octah. Magic Mtn. part slice 4.8   $60.00
AB1504 Tambo Quemado Peru Med. Octah. Magic Mtn. part slice 6.85   $85.00
AB1901 Trenton Wisconsin Med. Octah.IIIAB John Shea part slice 7.24  44x15x1.5 SOLD 
AB1894 Wabar Saudi Arabia Med.Octah. IIIAB John Shea whole 3.02   15x12x4 SOLD 
AB1063b Watson Australia Silic. Iron IIE Andi Gren part slice 26.0 43x40x2 SOLD 
OC316 Willow Creek Wyoming Coarse Octah. IIIE On Edwards 2 part slices 17.6 - 18.2 SOLD 
AB1305 Wolsey S. Dakota Coarse Octah. Jim Schwade slice 302.73 100x80x6 $1650.00
AB1915 Zacatecas Mexico Med.Octah. IIIAB R. Garcia part slice 113.7 $1950.00
AB522 Zagora Morocco Silicated Ungr. Blaine Reed slice 83.50 93x41 $725.00
OC318 Zerhamra Algeria Med. Octah IIIAB R. Elliott part end cut 53.6 $1900.00

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