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Updated  April 11, 2017


A shower of fireballs fell in the forest on the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, north of Vladivostok, Maritime Province, Siberia, Russia,
in the morning of Februaary 12, 1947. It produces thousands of  fragments, some are whole specimens, others are shredded
shrapnel-like pieces of metal. They vary in size from many kilos to tiny pea-like pieces of very few grams.
It has been classified by the Vernadsky Institute as a Coarsest Octahedrite, IIAB.
This is the most famous of iron meteorites, and the center-piece of any collection!

Large list and collector-friendly prices below.

button w/ small flow lines 4.4g $40.00 regmaglypts and patina 62.5g SOLD
nice oriented button 6.7g $50.00 regmaglypts,some orientation 67.4g $270.00
regmaglypts 11.9g $55.00 regmaglypts 69.3g $275.00
great shaped shrapnel 19.88g $80.00 some regmaglypts 72.0g $225.00
regmaglypts 20.5g $85.00 regmaglypts 78.4g $250.00
great shape, some regmaglypts 20.6g $85.00 Great block shape, shrapnel 85.7g $300.00
great shape, oriented 23.6g $100.00 great regmaglypts, great shape 98.7g $350.00
regmaglypts 23.7g $100.00 great regmaglypts, great shape 99.5g $425.00
regmaglypts 24.0g $90.00 regmaglypts 99.0g $395.00
regmaglypts 27.1g $95.00 great regmaglypts, great shape 99.7g SOLD
regmaglypts 32.2g $115.00 regmaglypts 113.5g $350.00
regmaglypts 32.6g $115.00 great regmaglypts, great shape 120.0g SOLD
regmaglypts 40.5g $140.00 great regmaglypts, great shape 141.6g $550.00
regmaglypts and shrapnel 41.1g $125.00 great regmaglypts, great shape 280.6g $1100.00
regmaglypts 42.3g $175.00 great shape, crater 303.9g $900.00
regmaglypts 48.1g $200.00 great regmaglypts, great shape 310.0g SOLD
regmaglypts 49.1g $200.00 great shape, shrapnel 256.6g $750.00
regmaglypts 52.9g $215.00 crust on one side 367.0g $600.00
regmaglypts 53.2g $215.00 fantastic shape, regmaglypts 580.0g SOLD
regmaglypts 58.4g $240.00 shrapnel, but great shape 860.0g $850.00

Pictures available upon request

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The very first fragment was found on May 1984 in a field after ploughing. Then an additional mass was found by Marc Jost in a box in th
attic of an old house in August 2000. And then a third mass was found in September 2005 in a rock collecton.

A dedicated team of meteorite-hunters decided then that there had to be more and after many years of research they did find more, but much
smaller fragments, that they presented this year at the Ensisheim Show.
Twannberg is only the 8th meteorite known for Switzerland

It is also one of only 6 meteorites ever classified as an IIG, hexahedrite to Coarsest Octahedrite.
Whole individuals, slices, and endcuts are available at a very reasonable price considering how rare a meteorite class it is

and how much efforts when into its recovery.

  Slice        1.0g      $40.00  
End cut    2.8g    SOLD 
End cut    3.0g    $120.00
End cut    3.5g    $150.00
Whole      4.1g    SOLD 
Slice        4.3g    $175.00

Whole    8.47g    SOLD 
End cut    8.8g    $400.00
Whole     9.24g    $375.00
Whole      9.7g    $400.00
Whole     9.85g    $400.00
Whole     10.0g    $425.00
Whole     11.5g    $450.00
End cut   13.1g    $525.00
Slice       13.5g    $550.00
Slice       14.0g    $575.00
Whole     14.3g    $625.00
End cut   18.0g   $725.00

Pictures upon request.

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A single stone, weighing some 11.36kg, was found sometimes in the early 1960s in rangeland in central Colorado while looking
for arrowheads. He brought it home but thinking that it was just an odd looking rock he added it to his wife's rock garden. And it
stayed there until 1997 when Gary Curtiss, a Colorado geologist and meteorite collector happened to go by and spotted it. He
immediately recognized it for what it was, bought it and had it classified by Alan Rubin at UCLA. But then he kept most of it for himself!
Until very recently, when I finally convinced him to get a few slices cut and made available ot collectors.
Clifford is an ordinary chondrite, type L6, Shock S3, Weathering W2, with some large chondrules, metal blebs, and odd tiny vugs.
Whole list and collector-friendly prices below.

9 slices available, I could break one if there are requests.
At a very reasonable, customer-friendlly, non-gouging price.

20.70grams       $325.00
24.28grams       SOLD 
25.35grams       $395.00
25.82grams       $395.00
26.20grams       $400.00

28.09grams       $425.00
28.10grams       $425.00
28.44grams       $425.00

29.90grams       $450.00

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