Registry: AB609
Mineral Name: Palca de Aparzo  
Source: Argentina     
Mineral Size: 49.3g 
Sale Price: $4,995.00 


This description was published in the Meteoritical Bulletin, #77


Palca de Aparzo

Jujuy Province, Argentina

Fell 1988 September 14 6:50

Ordinary chondrite (L5)

After the appearance of a luminous meteor followed by detonations, a shower of many stones fell. A total of 1430 g was recovered, consisting of two large stones (282 and 104 g) and several smaller ones. Classification and analysis: olivine Fa25, pyroxene Fs21; Brian Mason, Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560, USA. Main mass and type specimen: Asociacion Hatum Pampa, Pizarro 5672, 1440 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Information, Oscar A. Turone, Pizarro 5672, 1440 Buenos Aires, Argentina.


And this is one of those smaller stones.One of the very few that ever became available to collectors.

Excellent whole piece, with no crak, no chip.

About 40 x 31 x 23mm.