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About 3% of all known meteorites. There are basically two types of Stony-Irons:
MESOSIDERITES: a mixture in roughly equal parts of metal (iron-nickel) and silicates (pyroxene, olivine, plagioclase).
PALLASITES: they contain crystallized, sometimes gemmy, grains of olivine within a iron-nickel matrix

REF# NAME  (*=Fall) ORIGIN TYPE Provenance Description WEIGHT in grams Approx. size (mm) PRICE
AB1870 Brahin Russia Pallasite F-B Goudreault part slice 36.5  46x41x4 $600.00
AB1941 Brahin Russia Pallasite M.Ouzillou part slice 75.15 $700.00
AB1942 Brahin Russia Pallasite M. Ouzillou part slice 141.5g $1500.00
RPM1726 Brenham Kansas Pallasite     part slice 216.81      $1200.00
AB1620 Estherville Iowa Mesosiderite M. Tettenborn part slice 53.10    $995.00
CM068 Imilac Chile Pallasite Jehle part slice 22.00   $700.00
DE171 NWA1242/Sah85001 Sahara Mesosiderite DE/Al Lang Part Slice 10.200 23x22x5 $200.00
AB1872 Seymchan Russia Pallasite S. Afanasiev Part slice 20.40   42x39x3 $250.00
AB1873 Seymchan Russia Pallsite S.Afanasiev Part slice 23.80   50x40x3 $250.00
AB1840 Seymchan Russia Pallasite, transitional CometsShop part slice 234.70   $1200.00

About 27% of all known meteorites. Three main types and many sub-types:
OCTAHEDRITES: the most common, they contain 7% to 15% nickel and show a clear Widmanstatten pattern when etched.
ATAXITES: They contain more than 15% nickel and show no Widmanstatten pattern.
HEXAHEDRITES: They contain very little nickel and may show some parallel lines, the Neumann lines when etched.

REF# NAME  (*=Fall) ORIGIN TYPE Provenance Description WEIGHT in grams Approx. size (mm) PRICE
AB911 Albion Washington Fine Octah. Andi Gren part slice 16.86    $525.00
AB1934 Albion Washington Fine Octah. VUG Andi Koppelt part slice 50.0 $1800.00
MJ041 Augusta County Virginia Med. Octah. IIIAB Space Jewels part slice 52.5 $2650.00
AB967 Bendego Brazil Coarse Octah. S. Yant fragment, shale 20.0    $60.00
AB1543 Canyon Diablo Arizona Coarse Octah. D. Daniel whole 2519.3    $2500.00
AB1879 Coahuila Mexico Hexahedrite Frank Cressy part slice 38.00 36x32x4 $750.00
AB1900 Copiapo Chile Silicated Iron John Shea part slice 10.80   33x28x2 $400.00
MJ044 Guadalupe y Calvo Mexico Hexahedrite IIAB Space Jewels part slice 50.33 $1500.00
AB904 La Grange Kentucky Fine Octah. Marc Jost part slice 37.40 47 x 37 $1600.00
AB1246 Mundrabilla Australia Med.Octah.IAB Fred Hall Whole 112.20 41x34x23 $150.00
PH045 NWA 0176 Sahara Ungr. An. Iron P. Herrmann partslice RARE 68.54 75x61x4 $5000.00
AB1909 Odessa Texas Coarse Octah. IAB Thompson Minerals whole 340.80   80x45x42 $350.00
AB1856 Orange River South Africa Medium Octah. NEMS part slice 3.68   $195.00
MJ045 Page City Kansas Fine Octah. IVA Space Jewels part slice 18.0 $550.00
OC287 Page City Kansas Fine Octah. IVA Don Edwards end cut 461.3 102x64x25 $8000.00
AB1491 Para de Minas Brazil Fine Octah. E. Zucolotto part slice 12.59    $725.00
AB1932 Red Rock California Med. Octah. IIIAB A. Koppelt part slice 19.3 $775.00
AB906 Sacramento Mountains New Mexico Med. Octah. Marc Jost slice 49.00 76 x 51 $2000.00
AB1482 Sao Joao Nepomuceno Brazil Silicated Iron Ken Martin part slice 12.45    $995.00
AB1884 Sikhote-Alin Russia Coarsest Octah. Aerolite whole 94.8   50x28x25 $300.00
AB728 Sikhote-Alin East Russia Coarsest Octah. J. Gwilliam Shrapnel 243.30 70x57x34 $250.00
AB1376 Tambo Quemado Peru Med. Octah. Magic Mtn. part slice 10.10   $130.00
AB1377 Tambo Quemado Peru Med. Octah. Magic Mtn. part slice 10.70   $140.00
AB1504 Tambo Quemado Peru Med. Octah. Magic Mtn. part slice 6.85   $85.00
AB1305 Wolsey S. Dakota Coarse Octah. Jim Schwade slice 302.73 100x80x6 $1650.00
AB1915 Zacatecas Mexico Med.Octah. IIIAB R. Garcia part slice 113.7 $1950.00
AB522 Zagora Morocco Silicated Ungr. Blaine Reed slice 83.50 93x41 $725.00

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